Personal information is retained only in the event of the following conditions: an order has been placed or a contact form has been submitted. In the case of orders, this website retains only the information necessary to fulfil your order (name, address etc), no credit card information is stored in any situation. In the case of contact forms, your name, enquiry and email are stored on the exceptionally secure AWS network, accessible only by our Customer Care team.  We will never sell any data entered to this site because we value your privacy.



No credit card information is, nor ever, stored on this site or it’s server.  All card info is hashed, tokenized and stored within the PayPal network and is never



Cookies are a dirty word these days but it’s not the cookie’s fault, it’s a handful of dodgy companies that build them!  This website, like every Web-2.0 website ever deployed, uses cookies for security, bot detection, protocols and to make the site run as fast as possible within your environment.  In addition, we use Google’s analytics.js for visitor metrics (just numbers, no info) and the Facebook Pixel for link-shim and social ads & analytics. Facebook has had a tonne of bad press, none of which has to do with Pixel. If you’re actually concerned about Facebook tracking you should delete your Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp accounts before being concerned with the pixel.



The only data being retained on this website is information required to process your order and is automatically redacted 3 month after purchase.  Analytics tools don’t retain data in this sense, they just count users and don’t store personal information in a manner that can be mined or learned from.

If you want to put out of Google Analytics tracking across the web, not just my site, go here.  But let it be known that this doesn’t mean you’re no longer being spied on by tech organisations and government, that is certainly happening with or without a browser extension. What this means is you will not longer see ads that are tailored to your personality.