Urban Sk8er Protective Tri Pack – Pink

You’d be wrong if you said these weren’t pink cuz goodness gracious aren’t they pink – which ideal for 2 things: looking amazing and being seen from space (astronauts get bored too I’m sure).  Well maybe not sure but what I am sure about is these pads will your skin where it needs to be, on your person.


Y-Not Tri-Pack includes Knee, Elbow and Wrist pads. 

Elbow Knee Wrist
Grommet 18-20cm above 14-16cm below 18-23cm above 14-18cm below 10-13cm
Junior 19-23cm above 16-20cm below 23-28cm above 16-20cm below 13-15cm
Small 24-28cm above 19-23cm below 30-38cm above 23-28cm below 16-19cm
Medium 27-30cm above 24-28cm below 38-41cm above 28-33cm below 19-22cm
Large 29-33cm above 27-30cm below 48-51cm above 36-41cm below 20-23cm