Urban Sk8er Protective Tri Pack – Black

Get your urban skate on by getting an Urban Sk8er Tri Packs on.. and when you inevitably bail you’ll be able to keep skating the urbs, and bandaids aren’t cheap so it all works out in the end.


Y-Not Tri-Pack includes Knee, Elbow and Wrist pads. 

Elbow Knee Wrist
Grommet 18-20cm above 14-16cm below 18-23cm above 14-18cm below 10-13cm
Junior 19-23cm above 16-20cm below 23-28cm above 16-20cm below 13-15cm
Small 24-28cm above 19-23cm below 30-38cm above 23-28cm below 16-19cm
Medium 27-30cm above 24-28cm below 38-41cm above 28-33cm below 19-22cm
Large 29-33cm above 27-30cm below 48-51cm above 36-41cm below 20-23cm